Western Life

Pat Garrett (Wild West lawman)

History is full of charismatic, influential, and dignified personalities regardless of the religion and cultures that they belong to. It is indeed a fact that the entire world is able to recall countless individuals for their untiring efforts and contributions that have made it possible for us to survive in a socially balanced and ethical environment. One of those respected personalities was Pat Garrett.

Who Was Pat Garrett?

Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett commonly known as Pat Garrett was a noble American Old West Lawman born on June 5, 1850. He also worked as a bartender and customs agent. He was just like any other common citizen and lawman until he killed Billy the Kid, an American Old West Outlaw and murderer of three in the New Mexico’s Lincoln Country War.

Most of the historians describe him as a distinguished sheriff of Lincoln County and the Doña Ana County, New Mexico. In addition, he is also known for his contribution as a co-author to a book named “Billy the Kid”.

His Early Years and Life in the West

Born on June 5, 1850, Pat Garrett was the second among his siblings. He was a three-year-old kid when his father purchased the John Greer Plantation in Louisiana which was completely destroyed during the civil war, after which he lost his parents. His siblings were taken by his relatives and Pat headed to the West in 1869.

The New Lincoln County Sherriff and his ambitions

It was November 2, 1880, when Pat Garrett beat his rival Sheriff George Kimball by a considerable margin in the voting and was elected as the new sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico.

He was about to serve the citizens of Lincoln County from January 1, 1881, and wanted to capture the most wanted fugitive “William Bonney” known as “Billy the Kid”. William Bonney is known for participating in New Mexico’s Lincoln Country War and committing three murders.

How Billy The Kid Made Him Famous?

Pat Garrett started working hard and made tireless efforts to pursue Billy the Kid. In the beginning, he came across many other wanted fugitives with connections to Billy. Within a few months of working, Billy and some of his friends encountered Pat Garrett’s team where they managed to shoot down one of Billy’s friends but failed to capture him. Within the next three days, Garrett was able to spot Billy again with a few men where he killed one of them and arrested all of the remaining ones including Billy the Kid, after which Billy was sentenced to hang but again managed to escape in a couple of weeks.

Garrett continued his efforts and investigation to find the Kid and eventually killed Billy after spotting him at one his friends’ house.

Later Years of Pat Garrett

After killing Billy, Garrett was recognized as an assassin among the writers’ community who glorified Billy the Kid. He was appointed as the collector of customs in El Paso. He experienced several financial issues in his older life after which he was finally killed in 1908 by another fugitive named Brazel.

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