Western Life

The Texas Rangers

The Texas Ranger Division or simply the Texas Rangers as they are commonly known, is a law enforcement agency based in the United States. They carry state wide jurisdiction and operate from their base in the city of Austin.

The division is known for its investigative work in a number of crimes, ranging from corruption to murder and are also involved in tracing criminals as well as safeguarding the governor of state. They have also patrolled borders and participated in military warfare.


The Texas Rangers have a rich history that dates back nearly two centuries! To be precise, it was in 1823 when the Empresario of Tejas named Stephen Austin claimed that he would supply the Mexican government’s patrol officers with ten of his own men to fortify the colony border.

At the time, the colony under Austin’s control had suffered from multiple raids by the Comanche, Karankawa and Tonkawa Indian clans. Austin became so disillusioned with the services provided by the Mexicans that he decided to pay for reinforcements out of his own pocket!

Fortunately, as per Mexican law, he was permitted to create a force to repel these attacks. Thus, the Texas Rangers were born. Initially, the rangers policed the roads and the wilderness in proximity to the colony in the hopes of thwarting incoming threats.

The Texan Rangers were also instrumental during the Texas Revolution in 1836. In fact, they were authorized by the government at the time and tasked with patrolling the Texan frontier.

Such a maneuver became imperative as the revolution brought forth many migrants to the state. The influx transpired because the settlers were hoping to claim land that was on offer for limited funds. Naturally, the augmentation of population led to conflicts and confrontations, and the rangers were decisive in maintaining harmony in the region.

Once Texas was annexed as the 28th state of America in 1845, the rangers were not disbanded, but continued their roles as friction between the two countries grew considerably. Ultimately, this led to the Mexican American War in 1846. The Texas Rangers were heavily involved in the ensuing blitz.

In the aftermath of the war, the rangers predominantly patrolled the border, although they were occasionally involved in other issues as well. For instance, they were at the forefront of a six month long campaign against Comanche Indians in 1858. Combining with the Tonkawas, they were able to enter enemy territory and win the battle.

This particular victory was pivotal as belief in the Texas Rangers grew manifold once the Comanche clan were defeated. In the trail of this melee, the United States and the rangers were successful in driving the American Indians out of Texas.

This was a watershed moment for the rangers since it marked an alteration in their approach. Aggressive tactics were no longer required, since the central reason for that had been quashed.

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