Western Life

Captain Harry Love

Captain Harry Love, a passionate and active army captain was born in Vermont in 1809 and died in 1869 in Santa Clara, California. He was not a lawman rather he had the privilege of being the chief of California rangers, that was the first law-enforcement agency of California. This agency was also a part of the early state militia of California and is considered as a predecessor of the present-day California Army National Guard. Harry was famous for allegedly massacring the most notorious robber, Joaquin Murrieta, in fact, “California Rangers” was specifically launched to locate and assassinate Joaquin who was guilty of murdering and robbing numerous people, and was the front runner of a gang whose members were involved in various social crimes.

Harry’s Career:

Love left his city Vermont in order to accomplish his wish of becoming a sailor, but his destiny brought him to Texas where he joined the Texas Rangers and commenced his career as a soldier. The biggest and the only fight that Love took part in was the Mexican American war in which he collaborated with the United States Army and gathered other Texas rangers to ensure the victory in the battle. After the Mexican-American war, the U.S. annexed the state of Texas after which Texas declared independence from Mexico in 1845. Love, in his life, served as an Army, writer and scout. Love is also regarded as a prominent name in the exploration of the Rio Grande which is a principle river between Northern Mexico and Southwest U.S.

After playing his part as a Texas’s ranger, he shifted to California to test his fortune in the gold mines, but destiny had something else in store for him, making him the deputy chief in Santa Barbara, California.

Personal Life:

Harry love was reported to be a drunk, short-tempered and insanely jealous person whose tendencies became the reason for his separation from his spouse, Mary Bennet, but there were reasons that made him act like this. After the mission of killing Joaquin Murrieta, Love bought land in Santa Cruz County, but a natural disaster took away all his property and left him homeless. He was separated from his wife, but after finding himself homeless he began living with her again. However, Mary did not want to be with him and hired a bodyguard to protect her and to stop Love from seeing her.

Love and Murrieta’s Death:

The California rangers found a group of bandits in Arroyo Cantua in 1853. After the encounter between the rangers and bandits, a gunfight broke out as a result of which two bandits were killed. According to some reports, these people were none other than Joaquin Murrieta and his sidekick, three-fingered Jack, but some statements said that many sightings of Murrieta were reported after the official claim of his death.

Love himself died when he was engaged in a gunfight with his wife’s bodyguard. The fight injured both of them, but Love died 30 minutes after he mistakenly shot himself in the arm.

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