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Battle of the Alamo

The history of the world is filled with countless legendary events and battles. Alamo is the site recognized for Texas’s battle of independence from Mexico. It was such a unique historical battle where all of the defenders were killed and the opposing leader “Santa Anna” was ultimately captured.

Mexico and Spain

Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1824. That was the time when Mexican leaders passed a federalist constitution that resulted in thousands of American citizens moving into Mexico. While dealing with the rising concern of slavery, Mexican leaders somehow managed to deal with the situation and by 1835 there were 30,000 Anglo-Americans and 7,800 Texas-Mexicans.

What was the issue?

According to most of the historians, there were critical conflicts regarding accepting or rejecting the newly passed federalist constitution. Some part of the population wanted to reject the constitution while some wanted to accept it. As a result, huge turmoil developed within the people of Mexico.

Who was on the defending side?

Rebellious Texans captured San Antonia in 1835. At the time the Texans were not interested in defending Alamo but the situation changed when Jim Bowie decided to ignore his leader’s instructions and wanted to save Alamo.

Issues on the defending side

James Neill who was the commander of the Alamo was trying his best to manage the situation with his men, but there were several issues and tensions within the defenders. His biggest weakness was that half his men were not trained soldiers, they were volunteers and all of them supported Jim Bowie which appeared to be the biggest challenge for James Neill.

Why did they die?

It was nearly impossible for Santa Anna’s army to penetrate easily into Alamo because they faced a huge army of Mexicans. But as the clash started and soldiers fought, the numbers decreased. Alamo defenders thought reinforcements would soon arrive. Unfortunately, no one did. Historians mention that the Alamo defenders had multiple chances to escape from the site and save their lives but they were highly committed and wanted to fight until the end.

They fought for their rights

Yes, it is indeed true that the Alamo defenders tried their best and fought well for their rights and demand within the given limited resources and manpower. They were not claiming independence, they wanted harmonious reforms that suited them.

Who remained in the end and who won the battle?

It is evident that not everyone was killed at Fort Alamo. There was a huge count of women and children, servants, and slaves who were left at the fort. After which it was declared that the Mexican Dictator Santa Anna had won the battle while successfully retaining the city of San Antonio.

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