Western Life

The Wild West – Laid to Rest

The final resting place of Henry McCarty aka William H. Bonney aka ‘Billy the Kid’, is in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The exact location is now a mystery, as a flood in the area removed his headstone and many others. Duplicates have been placed on a likely spot which is now protected by bars, due to the fact that Billy’s fans kept stealing them. As in life, so in death; the outlaw was once again put in a cell. We all know there is no keeping Billy behind bars; however, sooner or later it is expected that he will break free.

Other Wild West legends buried in New Mexico include:

‘Black Jack’ Ketchum

Many outlaws ‘made a living’ robbing trains and banks in New Mexico. Ketchum formed a posse who was very successful at both, even joining forces with Butch Cassidy in order to achieve the best possible outcome. After being injured in a failed heist, ‘Black Jack’ turned himself in. He was sentenced to death in Clayton, New Mexico, and due to the state’s lack of experience in capital punishment was accidentally decapitated during the hanging. Ketchum was laid to rest in Clayton Cemetery.

Pat Garrett

Perhaps well-known only because of his role in the death of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett migrated to the west after he was orphaned as a teenager. Prior to becoming enemies, the two were recognised as gambling buddies. Garrett shot and killed Billy during a manhunt, but suffered the same fate when Jesse Brazel shot him in self-defence. He was buried in the Masonic Cemetery, Las Cruces.

‘Buckshot’ Roberts

Closely affiliated with James Dolan, ‘Buckshot’ was accused of taking part in the murder of John Tunstall. Even though he denied being involved, he was attacked by the Regulators. Not one to be easily overcome, Roberts put up an amazing fight disabling all that were opposing him. Despite his effort he died as a result of wounds received during the shootout, and was buried at Blazer Cemetery, Mescalero. 

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