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The American Revolution – Heroes and Villains

The unexpected outcome of The American Revolution was achieved, in part, by the bravery of the American militia and the cooperation of the country’s citizens. General George Washington proved himself one of the greatest military leaders in history, while others made notable contributions to the war. These included:

Ethan Allen

Allen was given the task of commanding the Green Mountain Boys leading them to capture Fort Ticonderoga. This was to be the first victory for the United States during the war, and a turning point in its outcome. The group overcame the British troops, before going on to topple several other holdouts that had been poorly fortified. Allen was captured and imprisoned in England, while attempting to take Montreal, but returned to Vermont after serving his time.

Image: PD-US

Alexander Hamilton

Born in the British West Indies, Alexander Hamilton became one of the most influential founders of the political system in the United States of America. His career began in the military, where he fought in the Battle of Long Island, took part in the retreat from New York City, and commanded an artillery battery during the Battle of Yorktown. After the Revolution, Hamilton became a member of the Continental Congress, as well as the first Secretary of the United States Treasury. He also played a major role in establishing the first national bank in America, the United States Mint.

Benjamin Franklin

Despite not having a military career, Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in gaining the support of France’s King Louis XVI. This military alliance was signed in 1778, and helped to determine the war’s outcome. Franklin was also responsible for negotiating the Treaty of Paris in 1783, which signalled the end of the conflict.

Crispus Attucks

The American Revolution’s first casualty, Crispus Attucks has been publicly urging the North Americans to break free of British rule. On March 5, 1770, while he was speaking with community members in Boston, a conflict broke out between the residents and a group of British soldiers. The soldiers fired shots into the crowd, with Attucks being the first of five to be killed. The incident is now known as The Boston Massacre, and was one of the key events in the beginning of the American Revolution.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold began his military service at an early age, and quickly established himself as one of Washington’s most trusted generals. Realising the importance of New York to the Patriot’s cause he assembled a unit and marched on Fort Ticonderoga, alongside Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. He was quickly promoted to Brigadier General, but kept getting passed up for Major General. Arnold began to express his anger, and was awarded the position by Washington at a post in Philadelphia. He was later accused, and found guilty, of treason after providing the British with critical information which allowed them to take control of West Point. Arnold escaped the death penalty by fleeing to England, and later joined the British military.

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