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Cattle Trails in 19th Century America

The Spaniards were the first set of people who drove cattle from one area to another, in the Americas. During the 19th century the scale on which this was done rapidly increased, as Americans began eating more beef than pork. The peak years of cattle driving were between 1866 and 1886, when over 20 million… Continue reading Cattle Trails in 19th Century America

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Hopalong Cassidy – Hero of the Wild West

Some characters are both created and forgotten within a relatively short period of time, and others become immortal over time in the minds of readers. One of these that we became aware of in the early 20th century was Hopalong Cassidy. Called ‘Hoppy’ for short, he is a fictional cowboy introduced to the world by… Continue reading Hopalong Cassidy – Hero of the Wild West

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Davy Crockett

David Crockett is known as an American hero born on the 17th of August in 1786. The buck-skinned and fearless Crockett may be more myth than reality today, as many people may not remember him for what he really was, a soldier, frontiersman and politician. Since his death, his tales have been manipulated and whispered… Continue reading Davy Crockett

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The trail of tears alludes to the removal of the American residents from the communities based in the South Eastern regions of America, owing to the endorsement of the Indian Removal Act put forward in the year of 1830. Moreover, in 1838, complying with the Indian Removal act, the Cherokee community was bound to give… Continue reading THE TRAIL OF TEARS

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Cattle Rustling

The term cattle rustling is derived from the cowboy culture of the Old West, and is used in America in regards to the raiding of ranches. Rustlers were very rarely arrested but it was still considered a serious offence, and vigilantes took matters into their own hands normally lynching the accused. The introduction of fenced… Continue reading Cattle Rustling