Nature’s fury and a gang leader’s white-hot lust for revenge combine to threaten the lives – and the friendship – of a frontier marshal and his deputy.

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When Marshal Josiah Hawke kills a man who ambushes him in a bizarre and unprovoked attack, he unwitting triggers a cascade of events that lead to a final confrontation with the most feared gunfighter in the West.

As Hawke and Deputy Tom Carmody pull on the strands of a web leading to the center of a vast criminal conspiracy, they are buffeted by a violent flood and windstorm that strips away the veneer of the civilization they are pledged to protect.

And as they grow closer to solving the pattern of seemingly inexplicable crimes, they confront escalating violence and eventually must face a final showdown with the fastest man Hawke has ever seen – a gunfighter who attempts to goad Carmody into drawing on him.

It’s not Carmody’s kind of fight, and Hawke knows it – but Carmody doesn’t want Hawke to fight it for him.

Rage Under the Red Sky combines an intriguing mystery, non-stop western action, and unexpected nuggets of laugh-out-loud humor in the third instalment of what noted action/adventure narrator Philip Benoit calls “the best buddy series since Robert B. Parker’s Cole and Hitch.”