Hawke & Carmody Box Set. Vol 1

Available to download on Kindle and audio book


Intriguing mysteries, non-stop western action, and unexpected nuggets of laugh-out-loud humor in the best selling western series Philip Benoit calls “the best buddy series since Robert B. Parker’s Cole and Hitch.”

At the end of a deadly trail lurks an unspeakable secret.
Bareknuckle fighter, gunman, and itinerant marshal Josiah Hawke is up against a stacked deck: He’s been called in to investigate the murder of an old friend and lawman in a town that’s suddenly and inexplicably been overrun by thugs and goons. As he gets closer to the truth, the outlaw gang draws on seemingly unlimited resources to up the ante, and Hawke faces a series of increasingly determined and deadly adversaries who want him dead.
But Hawke, a former college professor who became addicted to the rush of combat a decade earlier during the Civil War, brings a very special set of skills to the table – trickery, deception, and battlefield smarts he acquired in a secret unit conducting raids and sabotage behind enemy lines. And he teams up with a formidable Tennessee mountain man named Tom Carmody, a giant woodsman who can read tracks like anyone else reads a newspaper.
Together, this Old West odd couple battles hired shootists, a gang of gunmen, and raiding Comanche war parties – and in their spare time occupies themselves by creatively getting on each other’s nerves.
At the end lies the shocking solution to the mystery and a final confrontation with one of the West’s deadliest hired guns – along with the realization that behind the puzzle lurks an unspeakable secret that has been hushed in the shadows of the Valley of the Lesser Evil.

A final showdown between good and evil looms in a hidden world of deception and depravity.
Josiah Hawke and Tom Carmody are called back into action to track down the daughter of a prominent Texas judge. She’s among a stagecoach full of passengers kidnapped during a robbery and secreted in a virtually inaccessible outlaw hideout deep in a canyon that is thought to harbor such evil that even the Comanches and Apaches shun it. The Canyon of the Long Shadows is a vast subterranean expanse, a virtual metropolis run and populated by a network of criminals. Hawke and Carmody call on veterans of their old Civil War units to lead a daring rescue raid— but encounter danger on all sides when they learn that the judge who hired them is also at the center of a web of corruption and violence.

Nature’s fury and a gang leader’s white-hot lust for revenge combine to threaten the lives – and the friendship – of a frontier marshal and his deputy.
When Marshal Josiah Hawke kills a man who ambushes him in a bizarre and unprovoked attack, he unwitting triggers a cascade of events that lead to a final confrontation with the most feared gunfighter in the West.
As Hawke and Deputy Tom Carmody pull on the strands of a web leading to the center of a vast criminal conspiracy, they are buffeted by a violent flood and windstorm that strips away the veneer of the civilization they are pledged to protect.
And as they grow closer to solving the pattern of seemingly inexplicable crimes, they confront escalating violence and eventually must face a final showdown with the fastest man Hawke has ever seen – a gunfighter who attempts to goad Carmody into drawing on him.
It’s not Carmody’s kind of fight, and Hawke knows it – but Carmody doesn’t want Hawke to fight it for him.