The Adventures of Hawke & Carmody

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Three Western Short Stories from bestselling author Carl Dane, including:

When a terminally ill gunfighter can’t bring himself to take his own life he tries to goad Josiah Hawke into killing him.
Hawke does not want to be part of a mercy killing, but does find it justifiable to send him on a virtual suicide mission instead.

Marshal Josiah Hawke and Deputy Tom Carmody cross paths with a little girl wandering on horseback – her mind blasted hollow by the horrors from which she’d escaped.
She can’t communicate, so the men follow her back to a mysterious mountain town where a death cult has committed an act of horrific vengeance.
Hawke and Carmody find themselves trapped in a bizarre cult community where they have many enemies and few options. Carmody, tormented by the physical pain from an old wound and a crisis of faith brought on by flashbacks to his stint as a chaplain in the Civil War, reaches deep inside himself to bring an astonishing close to a deadly and surreal confrontation.

Marshal Josiah Hawke’s past comes back to haunt him when he unexpectedly meets a beautiful performer in a traveling show – a woman who was once a spy and had tried to kill him. With her is a man Hawke suspects was the infamous commandant of a Confederate prison camp who escaped from Hawke during the closing days of the Civil War.
To complicate matters, Hawke must explain to his deputy, Tom Carmody, and his girlfriend, Elmira Adler, an intensely dark and deadly aspect of his Civil War service that he had kept quiet about – under orders – for more than a decade.
As Hawke grapples with the problem of what to do with the man he suspects of being a war criminal, a shooting in Elmira’s bar sparks retaliation from a violent gang of rustlers.
And as the two threads of the story unfold throughout a violent day and night, Hawke and Carmody resolve both problems at once with a startling – and bizarre – plan of action.