A Hawke & Carmody Western Short Story

Available to download on Kindle and audio book


At its Summit Lies a Bizarre Cult of Violence and a Deadly Day of Reckoning for Tom Carmody.
Marshal Josiah Hawke and Deputy Tom Carmody cross paths with a little girl wandering on horseback – her mind blasted hollow by the horrors from which she’d escaped.
She can’t communicate, so the men trail follow her backtrail to a mysterious mountain town where a death cult has committed an act of horrific vengeance.
Hawke and Carmody find themselves trapped in a bizarre cult community where they have many enemies and few options. Carmody, tormented by the physical pain from an old wound and a crisis of faith brought on by flashbacks to his stint as a chaplain in the Civil War, reaches deep inside himself to bring an astonishing close to a deadly and surreal confrontation.