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History of the American Western Novel

A good story is one that can transport the reader to a different place, another time period or both. American Westerns were written to depict life and adventures in the ‘Wild West.’ The writers often based the novels on real people, exaggerating hardships and violence to make the story more interesting.  The desert landscapes where… Continue reading History of the American Western Novel

Western Life

The Oregon Trail – America’s Pioneer Route

The main pathway followed by Americans looking for new lands and opportunities on the frontier, during the 1800s, was known as the Oregon Trail. The route stretched 2000 miles from Missouri, over the Great Plains and the Continental Divide, ending in the Californian gold fields and the Willamette Valley. Between 1840 and 1860 more than… Continue reading The Oregon Trail – America’s Pioneer Route

Western Life

Apache Indians – A Fierce Native American Tribe

The Apache Indians are a Native American tribe located in the Southwestern United States, including areas of Eastern Arizona, Northern Mexico, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and West Texas collectively known as Apacheria. The tribe is believed to have been around since the early 1500s and, during its prime, consisted of eleven major groups. Today, there… Continue reading Apache Indians – A Fierce Native American Tribe

Western Life

Jedediah Smith

Jedediah Strong Smith was an American hero whose memory is treasured by the American people. He was born on 6th January 1799, in New York. He was known as an explorer and trader who loved to explore different parts of the US territory. He was the first-ever American to enter the state which is now… Continue reading Jedediah Smith

Western Life

Daniel Boone: The Great Pioneer

Daniel Boone was born in November 1734 and died around 85 years later in September 26, 1820. But in the intervening time period, he made a name for himself that still resonates throughout American history. Boone the Pioneer He was an all-American woodsman, pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman. As a matter of fact, his many exploits along the… Continue reading Daniel Boone: The Great Pioneer