Western Life

Famous Lawmen in Western History

The era of the Wild West is remembered in part for the numerous outlaws that plagued the towns. Although less of them are idolized, there were brave lawmen that were responsible for the downfall of many of these criminals. These included: Pat Garrett The legendary Patrick ‘Pat’ Garrett started his career as Lincoln County Sheriff… Continue reading Famous Lawmen in Western History

Western Life

Wild West Gunslingers

The Wild West was a time of madness and mayhem. Outlaws earned respect because of their fearless, and often cruel, ways. Many of them managed to evade officials for years, and their legacies have lived on in the forms of books and films. Some of these western criminals include: Billy the Kid The name given… Continue reading Wild West Gunslingers

Western Life

Pat Garrett (Wild West lawman)

History is full of charismatic, influential, and dignified personalities regardless of the religion and cultures that they belong to. It is indeed a fact that the entire world is able to recall countless individuals for their untiring efforts and contributions that have made it possible for us to survive in a socially balanced and ethical… Continue reading Pat Garrett (Wild West lawman)

Western Fiction

History of the American Western Novel

A good story is one that can transport the reader to a different place, another time period or both. American Westerns were written to depict life and adventures in the ‘Wild West.’ The writers often based the novels on real people, exaggerating hardships and violence to make the story more interesting.  The desert landscapes where… Continue reading History of the American Western Novel