Western Life

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was a famous American exhibition shooter and sharpshooter, born in August 13, 1860.  She’s known by many names, such as "Phoebe Anne Oakley", "Little Sure Shot", "Watanya Cicilla", "Mrs. Annie Butler” and more. She defeated traveling-show marksman, Frank E. Butler (who she later married), in a shooting match. That is when her talent… Continue reading Annie Oakley

Western Fiction

History of the American Western Novel

A good story is one that can transport the reader to a different place, another time period or both. American Westerns were written to depict life and adventures in the ‘Wild West.’ The writers often based the novels on real people, exaggerating hardships and violence to make the story more interesting.  The desert landscapes where… Continue reading History of the American Western Novel