Western Life

“Bloody Bill” Anderson

William T. Anderson is known as the vilest and most notorious confederate guerrilla leader from the civil war. He was a man who killed, butchered and severed countless union soldiers and their sympathizers. Hence, the name given to him, bloody bill, was due to his contribution in the war. He was known as the most… Continue reading “Bloody Bill” Anderson

Western Life

Belle Starr (Wild West Outlaw)

Myra Belle Shirley, famously known as Belle Starr, was born in 1848 near Carthage, Missouri. She was known to be a popular west wild outlaw. She was given the name ‘May’ by most of her family members. May Shirley graduated from Missouri's Carthage Female Academy, an institution founded by her father John Shirley. She also… Continue reading Belle Starr (Wild West Outlaw)

Western Life

Wild West Rodeos

Horses neighing, ropes and lassos, and cowboys clad in boots and hats! Boys with accents and loaded pistols, and their shirts tucked smartly in their jeans. Isn’t this the picture that immediately comes to mind with the mention of the Wild West? The Wild West only gets wilder once you get to know how interestingly… Continue reading Wild West Rodeos

Western Life

Buffalo and Longhorn Cattle

The Wild Wild West, known for its saloons, cowboys, and gunfights has a rich history. One of the historical factors that played an important role in the Wild West that we know today were the animals, namely buffalo and longhorn cattle that they used for survival. Let’s explore the significance of the buffalo and longhorn… Continue reading Buffalo and Longhorn Cattle


OUT NOW – Rage Under The Red Sky

Nature’s fury and a gang leader’s white-hot lust for revenge combine to threaten the lives – and the friendship – of a frontier marshal and his deputy. Available in Kindle and Paperback When Marshal Josiah Hawke kills a man who ambushes him in a bizarre and unprovoked attack, he unwitting triggers a cascade of events… Continue reading OUT NOW – Rage Under The Red Sky