Western Life

Towns in the Wild West

With the mass migration to the west, new towns appeared continuously so that people had places to socialize and fulfill any necessary requirements. Some of these were: Animas Forks, Colorado; Bannack, Montana; Bodie, California; and Rhyolite, Nevada. Other towns, such as Deadwood, South Dakota, encouraged mayhem because they were out of the reach of the… Continue reading Towns in the Wild West

Western Fiction

The Weird West structure.

While many westerns maintain simple plots, which are boosted by the elevated levels of violence they contain, weird west novels, however, tend to be complex with lots of action, intrigue and adventure. This combination keeps readers on the edge of their seat, as well as the customary violence from the western influence. Lawless societies continue… Continue reading The Weird West structure.

Western Life

Crimes in the Wild West

The bandits, gunslingers and outlaws in the Old West greatly outnumbered law enforcement agents. In addition to violent crimes, criminals used the inconsistent justice system as an excuse to commit robberies whenever they could. They were often caught and punished by vigilantes, whose penalties could be much more severe than those of the law. Some… Continue reading Crimes in the Wild West