Western Life

Wild West Outlaws – The Brave, the Bad and the Bold

The outlaws in the Wild West have been credited with incredible, heroic deeds, as well as brutal, unnecessary killings. Like everybody else during the era, many of them were trying to survive in the best way they knew how. A dangerous lifestyle often leads to a quick death, and leaving many loved ones behind. A… Continue reading Wild West Outlaws – The Brave, the Bad and the Bold

Western Life

Jesse James

Jesse James is known as a train and bank robber in the Old American West, popularly known as the leader of the James-Younger gang of outlaws. Synopsis James was born in Kearney, Missouri, in the year 1847. Before entering the criminal world, Jesse James and his brother Frank James also served for the Confederate Army.… Continue reading Jesse James

Western Life

Belle Starr (Wild West Outlaw)

Myra Belle Shirley, famously known as Belle Starr, was born in 1848 near Carthage, Missouri. She was known to be a popular west wild outlaw. She was given the name ‘May’ by most of her family members. May Shirley graduated from Missouri's Carthage Female Academy, an institution founded by her father John Shirley. She also… Continue reading Belle Starr (Wild West Outlaw)

Western Fiction

History of the American Western Novel

A good story is one that can transport the reader to a different place, another time period or both. American Westerns were written to depict life and adventures in the ‘Wild West.’ The writers often based the novels on real people, exaggerating hardships and violence to make the story more interesting.  The desert landscapes where… Continue reading History of the American Western Novel