Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Yellowstone National Park is internationally known and was first established in 1872 after a campfire suggestion a few years before. Members of the Washington-Langford-Doane expedition recognized and discussed the need to turn Yellowstone into a protected area, due to the expansion that was taking place since the end of the Civil War. They predicted that… Continue reading Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Western Life

Calamity Jane

You may have heard stories about the famous Calamity Jane but did you ever find yourself wondering why she was called Calamity? Of all the beautiful names in the world that she could have been known for why ‘calamity’? Who gave her this name first or how it all began for her to get stuck… Continue reading Calamity Jane

Western Life

Seth Bullock

Seth Bullock, the famous business proprietor, sheriff, politician, U.S. Marshal and Canadian-American frontiersman was born in 1849 in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada. His father was George Bullock who was a retired British Major. Seth Bullock was a popular citizen in Deadwood which is located in South Dakota. He lived there from 1876 until his death in… Continue reading Seth Bullock