The Rockies – America’s Largest Mountain Range

The Rocky Mountains, also called The Rockies, extend from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in Canada, to New Mexico. The mountain range formed between 80 million and 55 million years ago, when Pangaea broke up and North America began to move westwards, and is currently over 3,000 miles long. It consists of at least… Continue reading The Rockies – America’s Largest Mountain Range

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Great Basin of North America

The Great Basin of North America has long been inhabited and enjoyed for its beauty. The area, which covers nearly all of Nevada, most of Utah and Oregon and even parts of California, Wyoming, and Idaho, has known the presence of people since at least 10,000 BC. Native American tribes, notably the Paiute, the Shoshone,… Continue reading Great Basin of North America

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The Wild West Fur Trade

One of the most important and oldest industries that was established in North America was fur trade. For over 300 years, the fur trading industry has played an enormous role in developing Canada and the United States. Let’s explore all that fur trade entailed. When It All Began It all started during the 1500s, when… Continue reading The Wild West Fur Trade

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Livestock herders in the Americas arose from a tradition based in Spain and Portugal, who brought their riding and herding skills with them when Mexico and California were colonized in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, many of the skills of the western ‘cowboy’ can be attributed to these early vaqueros and their mastery of… Continue reading Vaqueros

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Wild Horses in the American West

Thundering hooves across the prairie, kicking up clouds of dust. The sound of whinnying carried on the wind. What could evoke a more true image of the American West than a herd of wild horses pounding their way through a misty morning? Wild horses do still exist in this day and age, although their numbers… Continue reading Wild Horses in the American West