Stories about cowboys and the Wild West give the impression that beginning in the mid-19th century, ranching was dominating the United States. While outlaws were battling lawmen in many places, the country continued its expansion and development. Political and industrial advances increased its international influence and Virginia, like all the other states was moving along… Continue reading Virginia

Western Life

William Quantrill

William Clarke Quantrill, born on July 31st 1837 at Canal Dover, which is now known as the state of Ohio, is controversially one of the most influential guerrilla leaders in the eyes of outlaws and hired mercenaries for his involvement in the American Civil War. The war amongst the American states revolved heavily around the… Continue reading William Quantrill

Western Life

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was a famous American exhibition shooter and sharpshooter, born in August 13, 1860.  She’s known by many names, such as "Phoebe Anne Oakley", "Little Sure Shot", "Watanya Cicilla", "Mrs. Annie Butler” and more. She defeated traveling-show marksman, Frank E. Butler (who she later married), in a shooting match. That is when her talent… Continue reading Annie Oakley