Western Life

The History of Lawmen in the Wild West

When the westward migration began in the mid-19th century, there were many reasons for people choosing to make the journey. Most of them wanted a new start, including soldiers who had fought in the war and had no marketable skills and those that saw business opportunities, as well as numerous criminals looking for a way… Continue reading The History of Lawmen in the Wild West

Western Fiction

Pulp Fiction – Cheap Magazines, Gripping Stories

The term pulp fiction was used for popular, creative writing magazines that were being sold during the early 20th century. Their name is due to the cheap, pulp paper that they were printed on and the magazines were crammed with exciting stories aimed at providing audiences with experiences, beyond the scope of their normal lives.… Continue reading Pulp Fiction – Cheap Magazines, Gripping Stories


Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Yellowstone National Park is internationally known and was first established in 1872 after a campfire suggestion a few years before. Members of the Washington-Langford-Doane expedition recognized and discussed the need to turn Yellowstone into a protected area, due to the expansion that was taking place since the end of the Civil War. They predicted that… Continue reading Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Western Life

Towns in the Wild West

With the mass migration to the west, new towns appeared continuously so that people had places to socialize and fulfill any necessary requirements. Some of these were: Animas Forks, Colorado; Bannack, Montana; Bodie, California; and Rhyolite, Nevada. Other towns, such as Deadwood, South Dakota, encouraged mayhem because they were out of the reach of the… Continue reading Towns in the Wild West

Western Life

The Wild West

During the second half of the 19th century, western USA (which was considered any area west of the Mississippi River) became a major center of growth for American colonizers. Cowboys and their cattle, horses and the small towns that revolved around them were the trademarks of the Wild West. This expansion led to the unification… Continue reading The Wild West