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Mountain Men

Before Les Stroud and Bear Grylls were considered to be the macho mountain men, displaying their expertise in survival and being known for their overbearing masculinity, were the Mountain Men. The mountain men, traders or the ‘North American trappers’ were all residents of the Rocky Mountains during the 1820s and 1830s. The mountain men were… Continue reading Mountain Men


The Rockies – America’s Largest Mountain Range

The Rocky Mountains, also called The Rockies, extend from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in Canada, to New Mexico. The mountain range formed between 80 million and 55 million years ago, when Pangaea broke up and North America began to move westwards, and is currently over 3,000 miles long. It consists of at least… Continue reading The Rockies – America’s Largest Mountain Range

Western Life

The Mississippi River

One of the world’s most important commercial waterways, the Mississippi River is the second longest river in North America. It passes through, or borders, the states of Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The word ‘Mississippi’ originates from the French misi-ziibi, meaning Great River. The river’s source can be found at… Continue reading The Mississippi River

Western Life

The Great Plains

The Great Plains, also called ‘The Plains,’ is the flatland which extends from west of the Mississippi River to east of the Rocky Mountains. The expanse is covered in prairie, grassland and steppe, and has a height of 600-1200 feet in the east, and between 4000 and 6000 feet near the mountains. The Great Plains… Continue reading The Great Plains

Western Life

Jedediah Smith

Jedediah Strong Smith was an American hero whose memory is treasured by the American people. He was born on 6th January 1799, in New York. He was known as an explorer and trader who loved to explore different parts of the US territory. He was the first-ever American to enter the state which is now… Continue reading Jedediah Smith