Stories about cowboys and the Wild West give the impression that beginning in the mid-19th century, ranching was dominating the United States. While outlaws were battling lawmen in many places, the country continued its expansion and development. Political and industrial advances increased its international influence and Virginia, like all the other states was moving along… Continue reading Virginia

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The Wild West

During the second half of the 19th century, western USA (which was considered any area west of the Mississippi River) became a major center of growth for American colonizers. Cowboys and their cattle, horses and the small towns that revolved around them were the trademarks of the Wild West. This expansion led to the unification… Continue reading The Wild West

Western Life

The Trail of Tears – A Journey Resulting in Loss and Heartache

As the USA expanded, many white settlers believed that they were entitled to the land that Native Americans had farmed and hunted for hundreds of years in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and North Carolina. At the beginning of the 1830's there were approximately 125,000 Native Americans living in these states, but by the end of… Continue reading The Trail of Tears – A Journey Resulting in Loss and Heartache

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The American Gold Rush – California’s 19th Century Success

On January 24, 1848 James W. Marshall stumbled upon a yellow metal while building a lumber mill for pioneer John Sutter, in Coloma, California. Together they tested the metal and discovered that it was gold. Even though Sutter wanted to keep the news a secret it quickly spread and prospectors began flocking in. By spring,… Continue reading The American Gold Rush – California’s 19th Century Success

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The trail of tears alludes to the removal of the American residents from the communities based in the South Eastern regions of America, owing to the endorsement of the Indian Removal Act put forward in the year of 1830. Moreover, in 1838, complying with the Indian Removal act, the Cherokee community was bound to give… Continue reading THE TRAIL OF TEARS