Western Life


Livestock herders in the Americas arose from a tradition based in Spain and Portugal, who brought their riding and herding skills with them when Mexico and California were colonized in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, many of the skills of the western ‘cowboy’ can be attributed to these early vaqueros and their mastery of… Continue reading Vaqueros


Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Yellowstone National Park is internationally known and was first established in 1872 after a campfire suggestion a few years before. Members of the Washington-Langford-Doane expedition recognized and discussed the need to turn Yellowstone into a protected area, due to the expansion that was taking place since the end of the Civil War. They predicted that… Continue reading Yellowstone – The United States First National Park

Western Life

Effects of the Gold Rush

Recovering the Gold Panning – There were different methods used during the Gold Rush to remove the metal. Early miners were able to pan for gold, because it was abundant and easily found, using either a pan or their hands to extract the pieces from riverbeds or streams. Placer Mining – Miners were able to… Continue reading Effects of the Gold Rush

Western Life

Gem Theatre Deadwood

The Gem Theatre in Deadwood, South Dakota was a saloon that had a conflicting past and a lot of history attached to it. So much so, that HBO ended up making a successful series on it which ran for 2 years and is now about to release a movie about it too. This saloon was… Continue reading Gem Theatre Deadwood

Western Life

John Hughes

When mentioning the famous and legendary lawmen, John Reynolds Hughes ranks at the top of the list. Born on February 11, 1855, near Cambridge, John Hughes attended his school in the Henry County and in 1865 moved to Mound City, Kansas. His Early Days At the age of 14, John Hughes started to work on… Continue reading John Hughes